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summer fun

Picture 002
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pleasing myself

pleasing myself
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lounging at the beach

lounging at the beach
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Flkr Work Around

For all you pervs out there in need of a workaround to the Share issue on Flckr
check out the AllSizes script written by one very clever person in England.


Beauties in Black And White

bw-dress 14
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leg up club

at davids house
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The Girls Are Back !

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Thursday, August 12, 2010

Flckr Settings and Share Function

For those of you who drop into the Amateur Underground. I've been slacking off because A) it's summer and B) Flickr has overhauled their site rendering much
of the share functions inoperable.

But you can read about Flickers follies at the URL below. Secondly it could just be Flickr's way of curtailing content they don't happen to like. Because Boobies Are Evil, you know : )


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